Dr Elham Kordrostami Dentist

Dr Elham Kordrostami Dentist

Our mission

Recommending toothpaste is part of my job as a Dentist. But I found myself struggling to back toothpastes that are packed with artificial ingredients and abrasive “whitening” options that are just bad for your teeth.

Not to mention that almost all of them come in a plastic tube!

The solution was simple. High quality toothpaste in a plastic free tube.

Zero Plastic

On average, it takes 500 years for a toothpaste tube to fully biodegrade in landfill, meaning that every tube you have used in your lifetime could still be out there in a big hole in the ground.

PAIST® is 100% plastic-free and made from infinitely recyclable metal. Let’s stop adding to the pile.

Zero Nasties

Most toothpastes aren’t as clean as they might seem. PAIST® is free from artificial flavours, preservatives and SLS.

Better still,
PAIST® is natural
AND vegan certified.

Zero Hassles

Stick to what you’re used to.
No tablets.
No powders.

Just effective, naturally-certified
toothpaste in a plastic-free tube.